I was curious tom know if the tide had arrived. Walking on a narrow footpath I encountered a woman pushing a pram. Instead of giving way to her I told her not to worry and after a few seconds I was able to lift my body from the ground to the amazement of the woman.

She looked at me and said: ‘This is incredible, this should be your job: teaching people to fly!”

I felt extremely happy for the feeling of lightness and freedom and was touched by what the woman said. I then woke up happy, with my baby daughter playing on my belly.



I have always been in love with life and since when I was very young I felt the desire to know more about it and find a way to express my spirituality.

After completing my PhD about new rituals and forms of devotion in a traditional enviroment, I spent two years in the Findhorn Foundation focused on my personal growth. During this time I had the fantastic opportunity to create space around and within me in order to discern what was relevant for me from what was not part of me at all.

This experience culminated with the training to become a Facilitator of the Transformation Game. This has been a period of my life in which my heart was clear and open. The training sounded like a ‘click’ in me of a mechanism that I had been moving persistently for a long time. Finally I felt strong enough to honor and love who I am.

And during this special time I got pregnant! Amongst the many gifts my daughter Celeste has brought into my life has been learning to be flexible and patient. Taking care of her with unconditional love has shown me how to slow down and I have discovered that in this way Life can play together within the manifestation of my dreams.

So, as soon as Celeste was old enough to be ‘exposed’ to the world I started to find something to nourish myself and I started to interview inspiring people. After a few of them I understood that I was attracted towards those who in my view were able to live in coherence with who they are and develop a career in alignment with their vocation.  

This is the way I discovered my own calling and I started to develop ways to support sensitive women who are called to live a meaningful life following their inner vocation. 

This is the way I started to accompany other women who want to learn to fly!

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