I was curious to know if the tide had arrived. Walking on a narrow footpath I encountered a woman pushing a pram. Instead of giving way to her I told her not to worry and after a few seconds I was able to lift my body from the ground to the amazement of the woman.

She looked at me and said: ‘This is incredible, this should be your job: teaching people to fly!”

I felt extremely happy for the feeling of lightness and freedom and was touched by what the woman said. I then woke up happy, with my baby daughter playing on my belly.

I am Dr. Carolina Nuti and I have been studying how people create their own reality for over 15 years both using a psico-sociolocial and a spiritual perspective.

I live with my 3 years old daughter in the North of Scotland in the Findhorn Community which is an intentional community and ecovillage born in 1963.

My expertise is to support sensitive women to get clear about the work they love and gently move towards it to create a meaningful and purpose driven life. I see myself like a woman empowering other women.

 I love cooking healthy and local food without following a recipe and grow my own food. I am a passionate reader and I need to be in contact with Nature and water as much as possible.

I feel good when I start and finish my day with a meditation and I use lots of different tools to live my life in a conscious way.

This project was born when I felt the need to find a way to nourish myself in order to be able to give as much love as possible to my newborn Celeste.

Anything that I propose to my clients is something that I persoanly find powerful, transformative and meaningful.

I would be happy to have a chat with you and see if I can help you to discover your talents and how to make them bloom.



Meditation in Cullern Garden - Findhorn Community  Photo by Roland G. Haiek - Wulff

Meditation in Cullern Garden - Findhorn Community

Photo by Roland G. Haiek - Wulff