During one of the first session I held, I had a clear vision: the person who was working with me, beautifully focused in the stillness, was creating with her mind a golden egg to which she was preparing to give birth.

Around her I was extremely busy holding and keeping this space so that the birth could happen, as if I was a Spiritual Doula.

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Your Inner Calling

This is about starting to live listening to your inner voice and create a purposeful and meaningful life.

Because we are all different, we are going to work together to find what is the best way to build your trust, remove blocks and let you feel safe and joyful.

I will be holding your hand for a process that will take 2-3 months and will transform your life.

This course will give you clarity and awareness about your inner calling and will help you to find the job that best express your natural talens.


Manifestation Project

When I moved to the Findhorn Community someone told me: ‘Be absolutely clear about what you want because you are going to get it and at that point it might be too late to change your mind’.

So get clear, and get what you want!

This is a 3 sessions programme that will support you to unblock a particular area of you life and go back into the flow.

Follow the link to schedule a chat with me to get clarity about what are your current needs and whether or not I can help you.