Transformation Game

A Game that can change your life

 Taking the decision to move to Findhorn has been a long process. In that time I started to dream a symbol, a Celtic knot that I was not able to interpret. After a few weeks I was living in this Community I was offered to try the Transformation Game. Honestly, I didn’t really want but after the third time I refused it I had to release my hostility and try. So, I found myself with the other players going into this room that the facilitators prepared with a table on which there was a board where I finally found the symbol that I had seen so many times in my dreams.


There are several reasons why you could be interested in playing The Transformation Game: it could be a difficulty that you may want to resolve, a new direction that you may want to try, something about yourself that you would like to understand better. You could understand what is the next step you want to make for your career, create a better relationship with your partner, work on a fear that has always been present in your life. This is an opportunity to explore, understand and, then, transform key elements of your life with a game!


How does it work?


In the version I facilitate it is possible to play with 2 to 4 participants for a minimum of 5 hours. Each player brings an intention, a Game Purpose, that can be general or very specific. For example I can play with the following Purpose: ‘I, Carolina, intend to express my potential’ or ‘ I, Carolina, intend to take care of my daughter and at the same time honour and respect my personal needs’. In addition everyone has a personal Life Path trough which she/he will be given the opportunity to have different experience, and Unconscious Envelop that will become conscious during the game.


Everyone is the interpreter of her/ his own game and will give it a sense; neither the game or the facilitator are going to tell anybody what to do but thanks to the unfolding of the game and the interaction with other players, people are able to find their own solution. In this way it is possible to see on a small scale how we ‘play’ in our real life!


Are you ready to play?